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AyoNoble is a visual artist whose work is an African-inspired art collection of diverse mediums. AyoNoble draws inspiration from the beauty of the scenery, eye-catching fashion and culture of her Yoruba heritage. The vibrancy of these patterns and elements are strong inspirations that can be seen in the expression of her work. 

AyoNoble is a true global citizen, as an expat, she has been privileged enough to live in several different countries including Nigeria, USA, Canada, China and most recently Saudi Arabia. The diverse beauty of these different places has had a significant impact on AyoNoble's interpretation of beauty and design.

AyoNoble has been formally showcasing her artwork since 2004. She has hosted several solo art shows, 'sip and paint' events and has been a part of a number of collective exhibitions. Ayo is a also a member of Synergy Artists, a collective of female artists, living in Saudi Arabia. The group has showcased all over the Middle East and Europe. 

AyoNoble has also been working as a Graphic Designer for almost two decades. When asked about how her work as a graphic designer has impacted her artistry, she had this to say, "Early in my graphic design career, I felt that graphic design didn't allow for much artistic expression. It's a very straight-forward form of visual communication. It's about products and consumers. As an artist, I have been able to use the technical skills that come with being a graphic designer to create art which has greatly expanded my reach. I'm truly grateful for that."


In addition to hosting a number of solo art shows and collaborating with other visual artists in joint exhibitions over the years, I do events. Second to my love for creating art is my love of experiencing art with others. I have had the opportunity to collaborate with artists of different kinds. I have worked with musicians, models, photographers and stylists to create memorable projects and events.  I welcome opportunities to do so in many different forms such as digital design, body paint, paint parties, and murals. I also welcome creative ideas. If you have an event or  project in mind, let me know how I can help bring it to life.


"Greatness and beauty do not belong to the gods alone"

Nigerian Proverb

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